"It's been a long, long day. I've got some worn out shoes" :-)

I woke this morning not long after five o'clock with and immediate feeling of sadness. This feeling had been growing for a few days with out rhyme or reason. It is a tiny down side to being an extremely lucky and predominantly happy chap that every now and then I must look at the other side of my shiny magical penny. This process as I look at it now seems to help me to keep the REASON close and visible. The reason is the why - why I spend so much time happy, why I find the world so inspiring. why I play music in the street and love to see the happiness it brings. There are many who see busking as begging and if that means they think I should get a proper job and stop relying on others then I ask who do you rely on? but it also makes me ask what does the beggar give when they take money with gratitude. and say gawd bless you with a smile. it warms the world from where I'm standing - it makes us real - beggar or Samaritan you make the world a better place by giving or gratefully receiving. it's hope, it's love. So why I ask my self. What the hell am I doing? Why? Because almost every day I wake up grateful and watch amazed as the universe takes what I do and amplifies it and bathes me in it and shares it with others . . .  I'll do my best to make it beautiful and true. A day or even just a moment (a smile) is such a magnificent gift. I am truly grateful.