About Me

     Son of a renegade intergalactic fighter pilot, I found my first guitar age ten in my grandmothers Attic. My dad had given up a valiant effort to get on with my mother three years previously and had been somewhat scarce since then as mum had become the embodiment of a woman scorned. The guitar was my father’s. It was beautiful to me and I asked if I could have it.

    My fathers unloved and abandoned guitar became my best and only friend. By now it was 1982 and the popular music of the time was not for me. I was inspired by artists who were introduced to me by Dad, Mark Knopfler, Don McLean, John Denver, Paul Simon and later the likes of J J Cale, John Martyn, Tom Waits and many others. I left school having made no effort other than to avoid homework in favour of playing guitar, writing songs and trying to understand the piano. The next 8 years were spent mostly out of work. I thought of this as my apprenticeship busking around the world and making friends with every instrument that came my way.

   The turning point for me was when I discovered that I could be more successful playing my own songs than playing covers of other peoples. Now I have two albums and an EP of my own music. It would be impossible to list the names of all the artists that I’ve been likened to but it’s often a surprise when some one says who I remind them of.

   I now use a loop pedal and record live during the performance to create the sound of a full band, some times folky with intricate vocal harmonies, sometimes African or Cuban, often bluesy.

    Beat boxing, Guitar, percussion, Saxophone, keyboards Harmonica and vocals are the main instruments that I use. I’ve enjoyed warm up slots for The Animals, The Blockheads, and Martha Tilston amongst others. Although I have recently been focusing on my own miniature, mobile, bicycle powered stage.

   I’m proud of my professionalism and passion and feel a general upward trend in the opportunities that are coming my way. Over the past year I have turned my back on pub gigs which require “Brown Eyed Girl” and the like as I have friends who do that kind of gig much better than I.

I have found a unique and beautiful sound and I really enjoy making it.

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